Meerkat Media

Digital Marketing

Meerkat Media was built to assist businesses that want to go beyond old school marketing and open themselves into the modern work of creative content. Marketing changes rapidly each year, therefore we are on a mission to keep you abreast of new developments through collaborative strategies. 


Digital Advertising

Google Ads + organic SEO is a dream team for driving web traffic. We'll develop a digital advertising strategy based on your goals and your budget, develop a calendar you can follow along with, and optimize ads for to meet your ROI. Whether it's Facebook advertising, Google Ads, or other social platforms, we'll develop and run your campaigns, perform weekly adjustments and A/B testing, and send you reports bi-monthly so you know exactly how your ad dollars are working for you.


Campaign Strategy

Whether you are just starting out or identifying a need for marketing strategy, utilizing targeted campaigns is essential to achieving maximum return on investment. We believe in defining existing resources and bringing them together with creative new ideas to reach your audience from every angle. From identifying potential new markets to outlining the best way to communicate with your customers, defining your goals is a must. Let’s build a plan that will produce results. 



Simply put, video is the number one factor in marketing that drives engagement. Top brands know that video is crucial to telling their story in a concise, engaging manner. Since we develop and run your campaigns in-house, we know exactly what kind of content will drive your customers to engage with your brand's targeted campaigns and goals. We will shoot and edit a brand film that will drive visitors to fall in love at first (web)site, and then edit it to be used on all of your marketing channels in required formats. Shoot, we'll even post them on your website and social media. (See service options above.) Voila. 


Social Media

Over the past month, 97% of online adults ages 16-64 have visited or used a social network. Of these, 71% of consumers who had a good social media service experience with a brand were likely to recommend it to others. To reach your brand's potential, it is an absolute must in this day and age to have a social media presence. Don't know much about social or don't have the time? We make this happen for you, taking care of everything from initial account set-up to content creation and posting, analytics and advertising campaigns. 


Content Creation

Blogging is imperative to web presence in 2017. Whether you want to drive new customers to your website, position your company as subject matter experts or share professional ideas, our content team will work with you to create stories with your brand and audience in mind. Want to venture outside of the box? From creative video content to identifying cross-promotional and partnership strategies, we make you the thought leaders of your industry. 



Photos tell the story of your brand instantly. Whether your customers are viewing your social media, website, or advertisements, photography plays a critical role in marketing. Our photography team has 10 years of experience working with big name brands like the PGA Tour, Sonny's BBQ, and Olive Garden, and some of our local favorites like Timotis Seafood Shak, Cafe Karibo, Odd Birds, Damiana, and Chestnut Hill Farms. Content photography additionally is used in a targeted manner to reach optimum targeted audiences through social and digital marketing. Let's make your story beautiful. 


Public Relations

From press releases to community relations, we love PR. Public relations may involve coordinating media contacts for an event or conference, securing credentials, lobbying for article placement or submitting a wire release to help boost your SEO and brand awareness through major media outlets. With a background in journalism, we have handled press coverage from major international conferences to talented musical artists. We love to make news happen!


Event Planning

With a portfolio of events that range from social media seminars to international symposiums on cognitive research, event planning is a passion that we love to exceed at. Allow us to plan your next event or conference, coordinating everything from the venue and catering to production and registration. Behind-the-scenes management will ensure your next event goes smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy the show. Rates based on size of event and planning period available.